• Medix Biochemica is launching a rejuvenated brand to reflect both the exciting improvements to its offering as a result of recent acquisitions, and its ongoing commitment to the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry.

  • The accelerated growth of Medix Biochemica will establish its status as the ultimate IVD raw materials supplier.

  • A new website brings to life a brand-new creative campaign that communicates every aspect of Medix Biochemica’s expertise – alongside an aspirational corporate identity to reflect the company’s ambitions.

Medix Biochemica is committed to offering its customers the most comprehensive IVD raw materials portfolio in the business. To do this, Medix Biochemica has acquired several companies, each with their own expertise across the IVD market. In 2019, Lee Biosolutions was acquired, followed by EastCoast Bio and Biostride in 2020, Diaclone just last year and, most recently, myPOLS Biotec GmbH, which will strengthen its existing molecular diagnostics division, MedixMDx.

This integration has helped Medix Biochemica broaden its portfolio to over 5,000 products in categories such as molecular reagents, enzymes, biospecimens and immunoreagents. An expanded portfolio and streamlined experience has been a recurring request in recent key customer surveys. Medix Biochemica is pleased to have been able to act on this feedback and create a better business for its valued customers.

From now on, customers will be able to find whatever they need in one place: the Medix Biochemica website. The new website will be the go-to place for customers to discover just how much Medix Biochemica can do for them. Whether it’s a streamlined product experience or a specific service such as antibody, DNA or RNA polymerase engineering, customers will be able to find out more and contact the company directly to discuss their needs.

The new “Medix Biochemica” is bigger than before but remains as agile and able to innovate as ever. This launch is another substantial step towards Medix Biochemica’s vision to be the first-choice, independent raw material partner for the IVD industry.

Steve Ferguson, CEO of Medix Biochemica says, “The launch of the new Medix Biochemica brand is the culmination of years of hard work. We are so excited to be able to offer our customers more services, more expertise, more product choices than ever before. And most importantly, still with the same quality and care our customers are used to receiving from Medix Biochemica.”

Steve Ferguson, CEO of Medix Biochemica

Phone: +358 9 547 680
Email: steve.ferguson@medixbiochemica.com

More information
Medix Biochemica is a global, market-leading supplier of critical raw materials to the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry. Our mission is to enable IVD customers to deliver accurate results to billions of patients worldwide. By working in partnership with Medix Biochemica, IVD manufacturers can reduce their time to market through our industry-leading expertise which increases efficiencies and builds quality into their tests. We achieve this through our deep scientific know-how combined with the broadest and most relevant raw material portfolio and our relentless focus on quality.

Medix Biochemica Group employs more than 240 professionals worldwide. With headquarters in Finland, we serve our worldwide customers through our local teams in the US, Europe, and Asia.