Podcasts are a versatile and popular form of entertainment and are ideal for multitasking and relaxing alike. Our team is perpetually curious and loves listening to podcasts that expand their knowledge bases. Here are the top 8 podcasts we’re currently enjoying. 

Podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment and education in recent years. They’re versatile and interesting, and give you the opportunity to multitask. Long drive to work? Listen to the news. Need to do household chores? Put on a true crime podcast. Or maybe you want to listen to industry experts discuss hot topics related to your job—just listen to a podcast. No matter what you’re doing, or what your interests are, there is a podcast for you.  

Our team at Medix Biochemica is exactly the same. We listen to podcasts across a wide range of genres; everything from Science to Business, News to Education, and even True Crime—a lot of true crime. It was hard to pin down our team's top recommendations, but here are the top 8 podcasts our team is listening to. 

1. All In the Mind with Sana Qadar - ABC Listen  All in the mind screenshot

Curiosity is what fuels all scientific endeavors, including ours. We love learning about how our minds work and how this influences our behavior. This podcast satisfies our curiosity by exploring all things mental and discussing topics from AI to addiction to the science behind nursery rhymes. If you’d like to learn more about how your brain works, this podcast is for you. 


2. Science Friday  Science Friday screenshot

We’re scientists by nature, so it’s not surprising that our team listens to this podcast. From microbes to outer space, Science Friday delves into educational—and entertaining—conversations about science, biology, technology, and more. While not every episode relates to our niche field, it helps our team stay up-to-date on the latest findings and research within scientific communities. If you’re eager to learn more about current scientific research, give this podcast a try.  


Work Life Ted talk screenshot3. WorkLife with Adam Grant: A TED original podcast 

Our team is always working to improve themselves, both personally and professionally. A large part of this is finding, and fueling, the passion we have for what we do. In this podcast, the host, Adam Grant, discusses all things work-life related with fascinating professionals from all industries and walks of life. These discussions provide insight into everything from how to accept constructive criticism to loving your job. If you’re looking to improve and learn to love the way you work, this is the podcast for you. 

Follow us on LinkedInRikasta podcast screenshot-14. Rikasta elämää -podcast | Alexandria Pankkiiriliike Oyj 

This Finnish podcast translates to ‘Enrich Life’ in English. There is something particularly intimate and special about hearing someone tell their story from their own perspective. We love connecting with people, and their stories, which is part of why we love this podcast. The hosts have in-depth and inspirational discussions with guests about their unique life experiences and career paths while providing useful insights into finances. If you’re looking to learn more about finances, from first-hand experience, give this podcast a try.  


TED talk daily screenshot5. TED Talks Daily | TED Talks | Programs & Initiatives | About  

TED Talks are universally known for being informative, inspirational, and intriguing. They cover every topic under the sun, from zoology to technology to cultural norms and shifts. Our team is diverse in interests, and this podcast is interesting to everyone despite their differences. We love expanding our minds and our knowledge bases, making the provoking daily content we get from this podcast the perfect way to keep us engaged. If you’d like to ignite your curiosity as well, we highly recommend giving this a listen. 


Start here podcast screenshot6. Start Here Podcast - ABC Audio  

We like knowing what’s going on in the world so we can remain responsive, relevant, and sensitive in our everyday lives. We also love being able to have meaningful conversations about the state of the world around us, how we feel about it, and what we can do to help. If you want to stay up-to-date and informed about the latest news, this is the podcast for you. 


Anatomy pdcast screenshot-17. Anatomy of Murder  

Forensic Science is one of the most intriguing fields of work, which is a big contributor to the increasing popularity of true crime podcasts and content. We know that crime is a reality, but so is justice. This podcast analyzes each case in detail, taking listeners through the step-by-step process of solving homicides. The hosts have both worked within the justice system, one as a criminal prosecutor, and the other as a sheriff deputy now investigative journalist. They bring you an insider's perspective and insight into each case by interviewing victims’ families and the law enforcers and prosecutors who helped solve these crimesIf you’re a true crime fan looking for a podcast that honors victims and gives you insight into the justice system, this is your podcast. 


National park after dark screenshot8. National Park After Dark  

As knowledge seekers, we tend to be adventurous! Our team loves the outdoors and exploring new places that ignite our sense of adventure. This podcast covers a National Park in each episode, delving into its history, conservational efforts and contributions, and breathtaking beauty. However, there’s a twist. The hosts also delve into the dark history and criminal happenings in each park. If you’re looking for a podcast that satisfies your curiosity about nature, gives you survival tips, and sprinkles in some true crime, give this a try 

At Medix Biochemica, our team strives to create the work/life balance that best suits us as individuals. Part of that is enjoying hobbies—and for our team, this means fueling our curiosity. There are so many benefits of listening to podcasts regularly, especially when it’s hard to make downtime for yourself. Finding something pleasurable and engaging, like listening to podcasts, can help create a space to live, laugh, and learn.  

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